Subject: Re: Seattle and Victoria
Hi Elizabeth, As a Seattlite I can say that in that price range you hotel choice is just fine. If you wanted to stay anywhere closer to downtown at that time of the year you would spend big $$$$. Since we live in the suburbs we often spend the night downtown when we see a late show or concert and I usually book our hotel through either or . Both have given us some great prices but please realize that the Silver Cloud at Lake Union is not downtown and you will need to have transport from Lake Union to really get anywhere. If $$$$ were no object, I would stay at the Inn at the Market, a wonderful little boutique hotel right in the Pike Place Market.

And speaking of the Market, if you have never been here before, here are the things you should see (and yes they are a little touristy) Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square (the underground tour is very informative and probably the best place to learn about Seattle history), the downtown shopping district if you are in to shopping, especially Pacific Place, the waterfront area (we have a nice aquarium), Seattle Center and the Space Needle. If you would like to do a Zine GTG while you are here let us know and we could do a quick lunch.

About Victoria, I would think that the cruise lines transport would be the easiest. Butchart is quite a ways from where the cruise ships dock. As to doing the Bobby tour of Victoria, his web address is and as you will see when you get to his site it takes about two hours so you should be able to pack the whole thing into your time in Victoria.

Have a great trip. Alaska cruises can be wonderful. Pray for good weather.

Jim in Redmond, WA