Subject: Re: Re: Vancouver and Victoria

I too just got back from a long weekend in Vancouver. It's always a nice weekend getaway from Seattle.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia on the corner of Georgia and Howe street - actually next door to the Metropolitan hotel where the Dive restaurant is which Jim, in Redmond, spoke of. The Hotel Georgia is a nice hotel - pretty inexpensive (we paid $124 canadian) but one caviat: the hotel is old and renovated and the walls are thin. We could hear the neighbors and all of their phone calls. However, good location. One block off of Robson street. A great walking/shopping street.

Someone mentioned that they recommended three days in Vancouver and two in Victoria, and I have to say that I agree. There's a lot more to see in Vancouver - Stanley park alone is a good 1/2 day at least. Victoria you can explore in about a day and a half.

I use this website each time I go to BC and recommend it highly. It seems that their rates are sometimes cheaper than my Entertainment Card rates: Hello BC:

Enjoy! BC is fantastic in the summer. Actually the entire Pacific Northwest is pretty unbeatable in the summer months - but being a native, I'm biased! :-)

Kim, in Seattle