Subject: Re: Vancouver and Victoria
Hi Ziners

I've missed the original post - apologies - but hopefully I can contribute some extra info.

Granted it was back in 2001 but I had a lovely visit to Vancouver and Seattle and Victoria using only public transport.

On Butchart Gardens: I travelled there using public transport buses from my B& B near Victoria downtown - I remember the transport being very economical :) and your accom should be able to help you with bus schedules. A word of warning - I didn't realise but depending on which bus you catch it either drops you on the main road and you have to walk down the service road and through the carpark to the entrance whereas the other schedule drops you closer to the entrance!

This web site has lots of wonderful information

And according to this page The fare for an adult through into March is CAN$12

Other things to do in Victoria: - take high tea at the Empress Hotel (I didn't do this though), - Check out the museum - they had a wonderful IMAX movie on Whales when I was there, - And I also did a whale watching tour on a zodiac boat!

I actually got to Victoria from Seattle on the Victoria Clipper - easy enjoyable trip with customs not a problem. I only had a morning in Seattle but enjoyed strolling the market and visiting the aquarium (LOVE those sea otters!)

I can say that public transport on Vancouver Island from town to town isn't very good though timing wise - I had a friend drive me from Victoria to ... (my mind fails me - the town with the murals on the building walls!) and then caught a bus to a ferry which took me back to Vancouver.

I agree with the poster who said about 1 - 1.5 days in Victoria depending on what you want to see and do, and the remainder of time in Vancouver. Vancouver has so much to see and do - hire a bike and cycle through Stanley Park and around to Kitsilano Beach to have fish and chips - visit Granville Island markets - Day trip to Grouse Mountain and up the cable car with strolling and shopping in Vancouver afterwards or perhaps visit GasTown. - Perhaps a day trip by boat and train to Squamish So much to do - so little time! :) Megan Brisbane, Australia