Subject: Re: New Member in New York - 25th anniversary trip
Hi Diane,

Welcome - you've picked the best place to find ideas for a great trip for a special occasion. My travel experience is somewhat limited (compared to most in this great group), but my questions re your trip would be - what do you like to do/see (history, beach, architecture, culture, adventure, etc.); time of year you'd like to travel; length of trip; extravagant or mindful of $$. Depending on your answers, I'm sure there are many in our group who could give you great suggestions for places to go, where to stay, what to do, etc.

We just celebrated our 15th anniversary with a long weekend in London several weeks ago. It was great - took advantage of some great fare/hotel specials and all in all, it cost us less than your average long weekend in New England. For a 25th anniversary, you might want to do something even more special. If you can get away at short notice, there seems to be some great deals for caribbean travel (if beach is what you're looking for) right now. For a sense of Europe without going over the pond, Canada is a great choice.

Congratulations on your anniversary and have fun deciding! Welcome!

Best regards, Vanessa Still digging out in Cutchogue, NY