Subject: Travel Videos To Everywhere
Hello, Fellow Travelers,

With Don and Linda's kind permission, I am introducing my non- commercial, travel video website, which will allow you to take a computer trip to almost anywhere.

All you need is a high speed internet connection such as DSL or cable.

I'm the guy with a video camera who actually edited the results and made films of my travels for over 12 years. Now I managed to get them on the internet, thanks to lots of work and good luck.

Pick the destination of your choice. I am streaming amateur travel videos on the Windows Media Player that include all 7 continents. No ads and I sell nothing.

26 different films are currently on-line. Visit Italy, Bali, Mayan Temples, Russia, China, Cambodia, Peru, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. National Parks, Florida, Egypt, an African Safari, India, the UK, Spain, Israel, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, or Antarctica; see whales, penguins, or polar bears. The planet is yours.

To get started, copy my video page with the full movie menu into your browser:

Give these films a try. Feedback is welcome.

I also have still pictures, for which any internet connection will do. For stills, go to

Hoping you like what you see,

David Mundstock Berkeley, California