Subject: Re: what are zip ties
Hi Ziners:

Heather is correct; zip ties and cable ties are the same thing. They are used primarily by electricians to tie up cables which are drooping in a run. We have been using them for years to lock luggage, but with the prohibition against Leatherman-like tools in carryon luggage, we have not been using them lately. There are re-useable cable ties, we actually have some here, but they are relatively rare. Regular cable ties are very inexpensive (and frankly have a thousand household uses). Any inspector seeing a cable tie on your luggage is not going to notice if the cable tie is re-useable and will cut it no matter what. We will probably use cable ties on our next trip. In theory the only person who will cut it is the inspector. Its replacement will tell us if someone has been in our bag to inspect it. If any thing is missing, we know who to call (not that it will do any good). The best advice is that if you are carrying something of value, keep it in your carryon.