Subject: Re: Missing Toronto GTG
Hi Heather,

Get-togethers are held whenever some ziners are around! I was pleased to meet some Australians and an American in Paris in June. Recent GTG's include one in Australia and one in Rome. Toronto usually has one annually, usually in the fall. This spring one is because some ziners will be in town!

Perhaps there will be a possibility of meeting fellow ziners in Denmark or in Italy. Why don't you post your approximate dates, proposing one?

There had been some discussion of a GTG in Ottawa or in Montreal. However, someone (you?) has to propose it!

I look forward to meeting you at a future GTG.

For photos of previous meetings, go to the bottom of the main TheTravelzine page. Choose the link for TheTravelzine. After the pictures of the moderators, at the very bottom of the page, there is a link for more pictures.

Frances Toronto, Canada