Subject: Re: Rental Car Charges in Europe

After reading the NY Times article that Don and Linda recommended, I have questions that some of you may be able to answer.

On our November trip to Italy, we rented a car for three days in Sicily and one in Rome. Those four days of car rental cost more than our hotels for those days. Why, because of the insurance.

Before we left, I asked my insurance agent here if my policy covered me in any way there (I am with a major US carrier). Her answer was yes---but, she said it would cover me but that I would have to remain in Italy until the entire matter was resolved for them to cover the claim. As much as I might like 6-8 weeks in Italy, my business back here in the US might suffer considerably. So, although we had a great price on the car rental itself, we had to shell out almost as much for the rental company's insurance as we did for our rental.

Three days in Sicily, quoted by Budget was $36 a day but the insurance was $27 a day bringing our daily total to $63 a day. Ridiculous, unless we got a beemer for our money.

Is there a way around this that anyone knows of?

Jim in Redmond, WA