Subject: Re: locked luggage
Hi Frances,

Carry-ons are definitely searched and prohibited items are confiscated. Don carries a blunt-edge baby scissors he uses for grooming. It was found during the search in Toronto but the inspector allowed us to purchase an envelope and a stamp and mail the scissors home (it was waiting when we got back).

In Rome we immediately bought another scissors. Now it's in an envelope tacked on a bulletin board in Giorgio's office (Hotel delle Muse) awaiting our return. If Rome isn't our next European destination, we'll try to persuade Giorgio to mail it to or first hotel.

In retrospect, we could have either: * had a self-addressed, stamped envelope with us when we departed Toronto, or * mailed the scissors to Rome ahead of time.

I am compelled to add that this little scissors couldn't scare or hurt a fly. But the inspectors here and in Europe failed to detect what could have been a deadly weapon (in the wrong hands). I carry a dental instrument that is as sharp as a spike. This kind of amateurish inspection leaves me feeling harrassed rather than safe, unfortunately. Let's hope that the training continues and becomes more professional and competent.

Best, Linda