Subject: Re: Car hire and/or car insurance
Hi All While in Europe, we always use Europcar (from AutoEurope)

We bought Trip Cancelation Insurance from TravelGuard and it was wonderful!!!

When our windshield was hit by a pebble on the autoway in the Pyrenees, the hit (which was the size of a bullethole) spread halfway across the windshield.

Car insurance does not cover either windshields or tires... We would have been reimbursed by our Gold Visa, but we decided to file a claim for the loss and see what happened. (We took pictures of the windshield - always a good thing on a rental car) Also, Visa requires all kinds of information that is almost impossible to get from the Europcar in France (we'd done this once before reimbursement took almost a year)

We got reimbursed shortly after we filed a claim with them - no hassles! Good luck. Susie Newton, MA