Subject: Re: Locked luggage
Hi Lucy,

I hardly believe that locking ones luggage is cause for suspicion by authorities. The fact that a traveler wants to protect his belongings from pilferage by unscrupulous airline employees is not a red flag to the security officials. The checked bags get blasted with a very high level of x-rays. If something suspicious turns up then there is further investigation. At this time if the bags are locked the locks will be cut.

I agree that a savvy traveler doesn't pack valuables in their checked luggage. But there are instances in which it is unavoidable. The example in my previous post was ski attire which is costly and too bulky to fit into a carry on. And the value of this attire can easily surpass the amount that the airlines will pay for lost luggage. Just one example but undoubtedly there are others.

I don't think it is unreasonable for a customer of the airlines to expect that their property be free from theft while under the airline's supervision. But, unfortunately, it happens. Prior to 9/11 the answer was to keep your baggage locked. Now, the issue is much more difficult. Which is the reason for this discussion. How do Travelziners attempt to maintain some type of security over their property while they travel on the airlines? I'd say a very valid topic.

John in San Diego