Subject: Re: Some Boston Advice
Hi Johnathan-- We live in a suburb of Boston and I would suggest that you might stay in the Copley Square area if you can. It's easy to walk/ take the T or a bus from there and you can do lots of things from there easily and safely. Also, if you're shoppers, you can find anything there from well-known Dept Stores to the art galleries and boutiques of Newbury Street/

There are the Duck Tours (water and land--) tourist sightseeing that takes you around Boston and onto the Charles River -

Also, you can walk (follow) the Freedom Trail on foot from the Boston Common - This is a trail you follow on the sidewalk which is painted - I think yellow - and it takes you all around the historic Boston - to the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house, the very old Revolutionary Cemetary, etc. It's a great tour and most people love it. We did!!!

Also, you might want to take a bus or T to Cambridge to Harvard Square - It's very busy and active and you might want to see Harvard (and/or the fabulous Fogg Museum) and the Museum of Natural History in the Square houses the recently cleaned Glass Flower Collection which is magnificent. I told Doug from the UK when he and his wife were here last year and they loved it. It's a special permanent exhibit that will knock your socks off!!

If you come at the end of March, the flowers might be beginning to bloom on the Common (big, Boston Park) and it's a lovely city. The Museum of Fine Arts is terrific and, as a bonus, has wonderful foreign films, music and has a cafe, a restaurant and a cafeteria. (It's a walk or busride from Copley Square)

The Christian Science Building housses the Mapparium which is amazing. It's a huge glass globe of the world as it appeared in ??1937 -- but it's a one-of-a-kind and worth seeing! (It's on the way from Copley to the Museum of Fine Arts -- Along the way, you will pass the Boston Symphony -- a real treat if you're music lovers.

If you let me know your price range, I'll ask around. Also, if you'd like, let me know how long you'll be here and what you are looking for in terms of restaurants, and I'll try to recommend a few. Let me know how I can help. Good luck. Susie Newton, MA