Subject: Re: Locking Luggage
Hello Ziners!

I have traveled for about 40 years and always put a little lock on my luggage. Last year, getting to the airport to take a flight from Paraguay to LA with a stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I noticed I had not put a lock on one of my bags. I asked for a zip lock at the counter and I put one on it.

Upon arrival I noticed it gone and thought nothing of it (assumed it had gone thru a security check) until I unpacked and noticed a CD holder w/ CD's which I had unwisely stuck in there at the last minute.

The airline was very nice but since I had not insured the contents I was reimbursed only $20.

Moral of the story: If you have anything of any value, including clothes (as the ski outfit John mentioned) declare it and insure it so if anything happens you will be reimbursed.

Lidia (in Los Angeles)