Subject: French alpine village
Hi Evan, a bit late, but the mention of Megeve made me remember another place, also near Chamonix.

Megeve is one of the great historical places of the ski in France. Probably not so oriented towards the real ski as Les Trois Vallées, but with much more glamour. Think about Saint-Moritz or Gstaad. Brigitte Bardot and the dukes of Windsor went there during the Sixties. But it is a lovely place, with sleigh-rides, and skating, and very, very pretty. You can check it out at :

And now a place that I knew as a tiny village, Les Contamines- Montjoie. It is located very near the Mont-Blanc, on the route that goes around the Massif. I think that it fits more what you are looking for, a typical alpine village.

I have been to both places only during the summer. Our first time there was in 1978. We went to visit a friend of my parents in Les Contamines (one of the children grew up to be a member of the french national ski team). My sister was barely 5 years old, and she still remembers her first myrtille (blueberry) ice-cream. It was a lovely place, with painted houses, full of flowers and trees.

OTOH, I have seen that the SNCF has some good offers for late March. I don´t know if you have to travel by train, or if you can drive your own car, but maybe you could have a look at

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain