Subject: Re: Napoli
Hi all!

We too are getting set for Naples albeit in May.

Lucy's advice is good. An alternative way to get to Capri (Ischia is also nice, but give Capri priority), is to go directly from Naples by hovercraft if you are planning to go to the Amalfi coast on a different day. Your hotel can advise you how to get to the hovercrafts. There are two embarkation sites--we are more familiar with the one from the Mergellina district, but you may be closer to the other.

As to restaurants, our favorite, by far, is Brandi's--home of the Pizza Marguerita. If you go, ask for our favorite waiter, Mario Scorzo. We hope he is still there as our return is after 3 years.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas