Subject: Re: Napoli, here I come!
Hi Frances,

My suggestion for touring Pompei and Ercolaneo is to rent the audio cassettes available in both places. I was not impressed with any of the personal guides who offered their services. The tours they offered seemed too short, too restricted to what they steered you to, and over-priced. The cassettes allow you to walk around, study, and linger wherever you want. A good guide book is obviously great for enhancing the audio tour, but we found the most informative write-ups of Pompei on the Internet. I printed up our own guidebook at home before leaving.

Keep in mind also that while Ercolaneo can be seen comfortably in a couple of hours, Pompei could easily take you 5 or 6 hours to see everything of interest. Once there you will not want to leave. I also don't think Pompei should be seen without spending time in the Archeological Museum in Naples proper. One complements the other, and both are needed to fully understand the historical record of what happened.

Joel, in Chicago