Subject: Corner of the world
Hi Ziners,

John Rule challenged us to find a new travel topic. How's this one? In a 100 words or so, describe why a visitor would be drawn to your own corner of the world! Since I suggested this, I get to start. 8-)

I live in Oregon's high desert country where almost nobody else lives & few tourists know about. The skies are brilliant blue most of the year with a wonderfully low humidity. I can see 7 or 8 snow-capped mountains all year long. During harvest season the peppermint & garlic fight with each other for supremacy. The clean & sparkling DesChutes river is home to local rafters in summer. The Warm Springs Indian reservation offers a unique Native American museum, a late June PowWow, & Kahneeta, a resort, hot springs, golf course, & casino. Come & visit!

Well, I managed around a 100 words. Who's next?

Carol Bailey high desert OR, brrrrr, cold this am