Subject: Help for Italian Lake District in May
Hey all,

World affairs permitting, my wife and I are hoping to spend about three weeks in the Italian Lake District this May. Like many travellers, I'm holding off making definite arrangements until as late as possible, and, I'm therefore expecting that when I do start trying to make hotel reservations, my choices might be limited. (After many trips, we find that we'd rather have advance reservations, especially when we've gotten hotel names from someone we trust.)

I've done an archive search so I've got all the recommendations people have made in the past, and I'm hoping to expand my list so that I have additional choices.

Our plan is to fly into Zurich, take a train to Lugano and spend 3-4 days at a hotel somewhere on the lake, then train-it to Locarno and spend a few days at the northern end of Lake Maggiore. We'll then pick up a car there (I can only take so much train dealings). Next I'm thinking of a couple of days at the southern end of Lake Maggiore, some time on Lake Orta, then a few days on Lake Como, eventually driving back to Zurich.

Although I'm hoping not to spend big bucks, I'd like to stay at lakefront hotels where the rooms have balconies so I can have an excuse to shorten the days' excursions and break out the vino!

My thanks both to all that have made recommendations in the past, and (in advance) for any additional ideas.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA