Subject: More on Chile
Wow! I have been off-line for a while and pleasantly surprised at the discussion on Chile. Thank yous go out to John, Tuija and Susie for their tips especially John.

I've been talking with people and it does seem to be typical to do Northern Chile along with Peru and Boliva. The Lake and Magellans typically are done together and potentially a separate trip.

We are also reading a lot of guide books Susie. The ones you mentioned are the ones we have been referring to. For hiking, there is also the Lonely Planet guide to Trekking in the Patagonia Andes. I might also try to get the travelogue by Sara Wheeler Travels in a Thin Country.

Since we live in the Northwest US and it is one of the world rain forest area, we may not go to the Lake District. We like to visit desert areas so I'm leaning a bit to spending our time in Northern Chile and finish up our trip at Torres Del Paine area leaving the Lake District out this trip. So much to see... so little time.

John, I have some questions related to car rentals. Are 4WD/SUV easy to rent? You mentioned that you rented one at Puerto Natales. Did you reserve it in advance?

I really do appreciate your information. If you have any other tips/trip journals on the Torres Del Paine area I would appreciate it. Again, sorry for the late response but the information is greatly appreciated.