Subject: Re: Corner of the world
Hi Ziners,

I was born in Redding, California, and have lived here most of my life, except for a few years in San Francisco (which I also love). Redding is situated at the northern tip of the central valley of California. It has mountain ranges continuously from the west, north and south. The mountain ranges contain two volcanos - Mt. Shasta to the north, and Mt. Lassen to the east (which erupted in 1915? I believe). We have two beautiful lakes - Whisketown and Shasta Lake -- so there are plenty of water sports. To top it off, the Sacramento River winds through the center of town. It really is a beautiful town -- especially if you like the outdoors. Weather overall is very temperate - over the weekend it was a beautiful 70 degrees -- today was a bit chillier at about 64. The summer can get very hot - up to 115 degrees on rare occasions. Usually summer time temperatures hover around 105. Thus, the lakes and river are very well used!

Cynthia Ephland Redding, California