Subject: Best ever meal
Hi Ziners,

Let's get one of those WOW threads going! Where were you and what did you eat when you had the best meal of your life?

We'll start, but we're cheating by copying and pasting from our Piemonte travelogue

Isola d'Asti, Fall 1998 Tonight was our first scheduled dinner at our hotel, Il Cascinale Nuovo. Roberto seated us at a large table for four, set with very nice china, glassware and silver. The mineral water was served in a graceful carafe along with a basket of homemade walnut and black olive breads and good quality bread sticks. We had met Roberto's brother, Walter, the famous and charming chef, earlier in our stay. The Ferretto brothers are a team to be reckoned with. Roberto handles the front with class and efficiency and Walter, we came to discover, is a culinary genius. Each dish is creatively designed, prepared and presented. It was love at first sight; we were positively enraptured by the delightful, gastronomic triumphs which were placed before us. Roberto suggested a Barb era Pietro-La Vignassa, full-bodied and spicy which we enjoyed immensely. A slice of outrageous duck pate topped with shaved truffles was a tease, but a generous portion of carpaccio of veal combined with olive oil and funghi porcini began to get serious. It just kept getting better with a dish of sliced, boiled potato and stock fish with an anchovy and olive oil dressing. Variety is the spice of life and Walter just kept it coming. A light, fluffy cheese tart with luscious wild mushrooms from the Alps. No meal is complete without pasta and we were served small ravioli bursting with the flavor of the vegetable and ricotta filling. The main course was chops of roasted lamb with a touch of rosemary and red wine glaze. We welcomed the wait before the desserts were served, each on a large plate surrounded by fresh fruits: boiled cream with toasted hazelnuts served with creamy, vanilla ice cream; ricotta cheese cake with dried fruits; creme brule', which Jill flipped over; and spumoni with hazelnut nougat and chocolate sauce - along with another plateful of goodies containing kekenge, candied fruits and hazelnut meringue. We all agreed that this was one of our best dining experiences ever.

The next morning we canceled the reservations we had made elsewhere for dinner that evening, and prevailed upon Roberto to squeeze us in. It would be three nights in a row, but we were looking forward to it with relish.

OK share your best with us! Don't hold back!

Cheers, Don and Linda, salivating in anticipation.