Subject: Best Meal(s)

It's hard to pick one so will break it into several categories:

Tobago - ate a wonderful dinner in what appeared to be someone's garage but it was closed in. It was recommended to us by a taxi driver and we don't normally pay too much attention to them. We actually had to go to the locale and pay for part of the meal in advance so they could go and buy the supplies. None of the china or cutlery matched but I do remember we had the most fantastic pumpkin soup and we were the only diners there. We still talk about this one!

Paris - dinner at Maxim's in Paris in the '70's - just to be there was an experience in itself (the décor) but the best meal we've ever had in Paris was at Le Pre Carre (which we later found out belonged to the actress Jeanne Moreau) where we had marvellous liver with raisins (sounds awful but was extraordinary)

Canadian locale - Napoleon's in Toronto - every meal there was always special and delicious - Christian Vinassac was the owner and his wife Elizabeth was the hostess. Often Christian would come to your table and you would just say feed us and the most wonderful things came out of that kitchen. The restaurant was firebombed and I don't think it ever recovered after that and I have often wondered what ever happened to Christian and Elizabeth (maybe some Toronto members have some knowledge)

Most unusual meal - Mexico in a private home. Our son spent a year there on student exchange in Tehuacan in 3 different private homes. My daughter and I went to visit him at Easter and had dinner with his Mama and Papa Becerril - they had saved a local delicacy usually served in November for some special occasion - it was sheep spine cooked in mole sauce - you sucked the marrow out of the bones - our son loved it but my daughter and I really had trouble with this one - fortunately, there was lots of other food on the table which was very good.

And anything in Italy is good - ask Don and Linda!

This is really a great thread!