Subject: Re: Corner of the world
Hi there,

I have lived in various corners of the world and I will describe them shortly below......

1. I grew up in Rotterdam in Holland and this town is really the epitome of modern creations. The town was, as many of you will know, completely destroyed during the 2nd WW so the majority of their buildings and architecture is from after that time. This makes Rotterdam one of the most modern cities in the world with a magnificent Port and lots to see and do. I did like living in Rotterdam, but....I moved to:

2. London in 1993 to work and explore this beautiful city draped in history (Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Museums, The East End etc. etc.) I spent 8 pleasant years in London, also finding time to explore the countryside (Cotswolds, Lake District) and some other interesting places in the UK like Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Brighton, Cornwall and Manchester, but the itch to move became too overpowering and we (by now I had married....) moved to:

3. The South of Spain, where we hope to stay and enjoy the sunshine and the all year round great weather. The South of Spain (Province of Andalucia) is rich in Moorish background with cities like Cordoba, Granada and Seville to prove this. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada provide an all year round snow scene and you can sunbathe in the morning on the sundrenched beaches of the Costa del Sol and in the afternoon take a drive up to Granada and spend some time walking through the snow. For the rest Andalucia has some delightful whitewashed mountain villages (like Alora, Rhonda and Coin) and of course the many beaches of the Costa del Sol.


Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel - Costa del Sol (Spain)