Subject: best meal ever was in America
Hi Ziners:

My palette was developed on southern cooking with lots of Tex-Mex mixed in. I'm not into exotic meats, lamb is exotic to me. I am however open to exotic flavors and new dining experiences--just don't try to slip me any rabbit. I think where we come from and are accustomed to eating somewhat dictates what we love and will recommend.

My favorite all-time cuisine is New Mexican. You people in New Mexico are so lucky! I've had the N.M. cuisine outside of New Mexico and its never the same. I don't know if the desert and mountain scenery and the adobe buildings with fireplaces make the food taste better or what--but the food is fabulous. My favorite ever meal in New Mexico was in Santa Fe at Cafe Sena, right off the main square. They do a fixe prix dinner nightly, or did then. They match the wines to the meal, and some of the wines were finished under the direction of the owner of the restaurant. The restaurant is gorgeous, cozy with all the adobe syle amenities including those fire places. The lighting is just right too. I'm sorry I didn't take notes, but I remember my main entree was pork rubbed with a wonderful combination of spices and that every part of my meal was perfection.

Best to you all, Cathia