Subject: Re: Germany with kids in June

In 2001 I spent time in Bacharach, Rothenburg and Reutte on a Rick Steves tour.

I'm not sure where the interests of a 12 year old boy would lie :) but he might enjoy the Rhine cruise and exploring some of the old castles. We did this in St Goar cruising back down to Bacharach.

Rothenburg is fun to explore although very touristy - walking the wall is fun but be careful walking it at night. It's uneven and we nearly lost a tour guide!

Reutte is on the German/Austrian border. Our accommodation was within walking distance of the Neuschwanstein castle which on a clear-weather day is breath-taking (or so the photos prove for I was there in bucketing rain). The castle tour is so-so - you need to buy a ticket for a tour time if you would like an English guide.

My parents followed a similar route but they flew into Frankfurt and hired a car. They stayed overnight in Bacharach so as not to do too much on the first day. Note that the accommodation they (and I) stayed at is *right* on the train line. I thought it would be a problem but it wasn't - I slept through it without a problem but others might not!

The accommodation in Reutte is very family friendly - it's rural, with cows in paddocks, castles on hills, easy parking, washers/driers, pet rabbits and a guinea pig out the back,... I think you can hire bikes there or nearby.

Bacharach, Germany - Hotel Kranenturm Langstrasse 30 55422 Bacharach Germany Ph: +49-6743-1308 Fax: +49-6743-1021 Email: hotel-kranenturm

Rothenburg, Germany - Hotel Gerberhaus Spitalgasse 25 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany Tel +49-9861-94900 Fax +49-9861-86555 E-Mail:Gerberhaus

Reutte, Austria - Gusthof zum Schluxen A-6600 Pinswang-Reutte Austria Ph: +43-5677-8903 Fax: +43-5677-890-323 Email: schluxen

Hope this helps :) Megan Brisbane, Australia