Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hello Travelers,

After years of being a natural fiber only gal, I have seen the light, and it is made of microfiber.

I need real clothes. I'm not comfortable wearing pants and my best sweater to attend the opera or concerts in a big city. Since I work from home, I don't need or have business clothes. Like many of you, I felt I wasn't traveling light enough, and I didn't always feel right about my wardrobe when traveling. Last year, I found a skirt and a dress made of pleated microfiber. Washable, beautifully cut, different but not weird. Doesn't show dirt or wear. I'm a larger than average woman, and most of this line fits fine. Smooshed them into a ball and tucked them into a shoe for a trip to San Francisco. Bought a few more pieces by the same designer, I wear them with t-shirts or polar fleece tops, depending on the weather. I finally feel ready to go anywhere in a small suitcase. It's a great feeling.

Microfiber's only drawbacks are that it doesn't keep me warm ( i layer over tights), and its probably too warm for really hot weather. I own a lot of linen clothing for summer, I don't iron it, and I don't worry about it.