Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hi Barb,

I don't consider myself a fabric expert, but I've been interested in and done many miles of sewing over the years. Also, being a travel nut, I'm always on the lookout for fabrics that pack well. Some 15 years ago, I discovered blouses with the Chaus label, very well tailored in a smooth crepe-type polyester that are perfect. They are not cheap and don't look like what we used to think of polyester looking like. I fold and roll them and they pack in inches. I'm still using the original one, and they are the backbone of my travel wardrobe. Never need an iron or have a single wrinkle. Also, you can hand wash them in your lavatory and they dry overnight.

Almost any fabric with a crinkly texture, from cottons to silks, are great. Any wrinkle would just look like another crinkle. The microfiber fabrics that I have had experience with are also great for travel and launder well. Hope this helps.

Happy travels,

Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX and glad the ice storm is over) We were isolated on top of our hill.