Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hi Barb, Lou, and everyone.

There is a store that has the most WONDERFUL clothes that are excellent for this purpose - though the clothing is not advertised as for travel. The name of the store is CHICO'S. The fabric is acetate and spandex and in a rainbow of colors. I have a few things from this store and it is fabulous! The clothing can be crumpled up and one can sit on the fabric for an extended period of time and it will not have one single wrinkle. These kinds of clothes can be found elsewhere, but one must first find out what one is looking for. A quick trip to CHICO'S can exemplify the fabric and then the shopper can shop in any store that has clothing of this type of fabric. It is also available in better fabric stores in the event there is a seamstress in your home.

Sara Wetegrove Tucson, Arizona