Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hi Travelers, My first post to my new list! I too am always looking for nice, easy-to-pack clothing. I'm smaller than average, and everything seems to be too large. It looks like I'm wearing my mother's clothes, except my mother was my size! And I like traveling with a small amount of luggage. I do love microfibers because they are comfortable and pack well, and they can be altered fairly easily. They also tend to dry quickly. I've toyed with tencel a bit, and I find it acceptable, but it tends to stain. But my real dilemma seems to be shoes. I like and need very comfortable walking shoes, but sometimes I like high heels when I'm going out, and sometimes medium dressy but comfortable, sometimes boots, plus my running shoes....I'm like the old stereotype woman packing a suitcase full of shoes! I buy occasionally from Travelsmith, and from LL Bean travel. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Cheers, Sharon in Boston