Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hi Barb and all,

Wrinkles! I have found that ALL fabrics will wrinkle if not packed properly. I use dry cleaner plastic bags to make the garments slip rather than drag and wrinkle in my suitcase. Polyester is the all time wrinkle resister, it cannot be beat, ever. I always take a pair of black polyester woven pants when I travel. In the summer I take colorful polyester woven wrap skirts. I have found that the nylon knits wrinkle easily, the rayon blend knits wrinkle a little less and cotton knits about the same. If you lay out a piece of the plastic, then lay out one of your knit tops over it, followed by another and another each one on top of the other - then fold this mass of shirts as one, you will help to prevent some wrinkling as each garment is cushioning the next one. Also, if you layer these in between each top with the plastic and fold carefully your wrinkles will be put off.

Sometimes when I travel I have more than one destination and hotel. So I don't worry as much about wrinkles as organization and I pack each garment folded and in its own plastic bag. I only take out the garments I need at the first destination, leaving the rest packed. This makes for a quick packing before heading to the next hotel.

Happy trails - Cathia