Subject: Re: Travel Fabrics
Hi Ziners, I hate travel clothes. They don't look real so I just hit my local Eddie Bauer store and stock up on essentials before I travel. Like a good travel guide, the investment is well worth it and I have a fresh, crisp wardrobe that, even after a few washes while on the road, looks good. I usually travel with a carry-on backpack no matter how long the journey so the space is limited too. The only exception is on a cruise where I indulge because I'm not carrying the pack around.

Eddie Bauer t-shirts and tops don't wrinkle much and so what if they do? The trousers and skirts travel well and always look good.

Someone wrote in asking about shoes. After much deliberation, packing and re-packing I now leave my running shoes behind. I'm on vacation - I don't need to work out - and nothing marks a North American more than runners. Rockport sells great, comfortable shoes. I now only wear backless mules, particularly as my feet swell on the flight. These are what I wear for walking around as well. Pack a pair of low-heeled pumps or, in summer, a pair of sandals. That's it. Travelling is not a fashion show. Oh, and the shoes should always be black. Lucy