Subject: materials / clothes / wrinkles
Dear Ziners,

I can heartily recommend maybe not completely wrinkle proof, but practical, easy to wear and tough. (shops at Heathrow and Covent Garden)Heathrow(departing passengers only), International Departure Lounge, Heathrow Airport, London, Tel: 020 8754 7206

London, Covent Garden 10 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS Tel: 020 7831 1059

also (no first hand experience of the clothes, but the shop's handy for The Ritz and the Orvis shop in London!).The Travelling Light London shop is at 35 Dover Street, which is on the north side of Piccadilly

Aren't wrinkles supposed to be character-ful tho'?...

Thanks for reading, good luck with your travels, planning, reading or dreaming,

Stewart, London, UK