Subject: Re: NY recommendations for newly-weds
For a romantic dinner, I'd recommend a flower filled restaurant called One if by Land, Two if by Sea. It's located in a beautiful townhouse in the Village. I'd also recommend Bouley, Daniel, or Danube. These are all top NYC restuarants and all very romantic with excellent food and decor. Some of my other favorite restaurants are: Tabla, Il Buco, Aqua Grill, Park Avalon (also great brunch there) and Orsay's. Nice places for drinks and martini's are the rooftop bar at the Pensinula Hotel, the bar at the Four Seasons hotel, those are both midtown. In Soho, the Soho Grand Hotel and the Mercer Hotel are fun places for drinks. The Mercer Kitchen is a good choice for dinner or lunch.

Broadway Show? Depends on their taste, but perhaps HairSpray? That's been a big hit.

Stylish Shopping? The best big stores are Sak's 5th Ave, Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman. For cutting edge trendy, go to Soho, and the meat packing district (W. 14th Street) where there are lots of boutiques and the hippest store Jeffrey. There are also a lot of hip and great restaurants in both locations. In the meat packing district, for restaurants I recommend, Markt, Rhone, Meet, Pastis. In Soho, I like Balthazar, Barolo, I Tre Merli.....well, in Soho there are tons of places. They can't miss them!

Hope this helps.

Candice, NYC