Subject: Re: French Laundry restaurant in Napa
There was such an air of hushed reverence at dinner, it felt too quiet. I am all for quiet, intimate meals, but there was something almost bizarre about the atmosphere at if everyone was too awestruck to really enjoy the social occasion of a good evening out. The lunch was better...the sun streaming through the windows lent a slightly (only SLIGHTLY!) less formal air to the meal. It also was a wonderful accompaniement to the meal to be able to see the gardens from which Chef Keller obtained his produce.

For the upcoming Napa Valley trip, we will be travelling with another couple with whom we often travel. We've travelled with them a great deal, and in Italy we based our 2-week itinerary on Faith Heller Willinger's book, Eating in Italy, so we all love good food, good wine, and good company. Hopefully, this convivial group will help dispel the feeling of worship at this great restaurant!