Subject: Re: Pricey restaurants but worth it!

I must add Langen's in London, Robin. It's expensive, but the food is FABULOUS and the atmosphere is simply too much!

Remember - if you are in London and want to do High Tea at the Ritz, do NOT show up in WHITE athletic shoes (they call them 'trainers') - black is fine and blue jeans are no problem at all- and they will tell you very kindly - not rude even a little bit. You also had better make reservations - however, if you forget to do these things - just take a short walk over to The Brown. They serve a beautiful High Tea and if you arrive early, they generally have a few tables unreserved for walk-ups. But if you really wish to put on the dog for tea, nothing beats Kensington Palace!

While it's not a restaurant, the Eye Wheel is not to be missed!!!

Hope all you Ziners are well in your respective parts of the world.

Sara Wetegrove Tucson, Arizona