Subject: Rome and Sicily
Hello Ziners! We are beginning to plan a trip to Italy in the fall. - Rome for 2 weeks; in an apartment - Travel for a few days in southern Italy - Sicily for one week, hopefully moving only once to a different base for exploring.

We sure could use some help! Could anyone recommend an apartment they have rented in Rome? Or at least a good company they have dealt with before? Also, recommendations for areas to rent in. I am thinking near Piazza Navona; I know, it's touristy, BUT I think it would put us in a good place to not have far to walk in the evenings to many restaurants. Right? (I am having a hip problem and it is worse in the evenings as far as walking goes.) We are open to other suggestions.

Who has spent some time in S.Italy and can tell us what it is like to drive there, and is it worth it? None of the guidebooks I have checked so far say all that much about it.

Just beginning my research on Sicily and would appreciate some good website recommendations and personal experiences and preferences.

Many thanks for time spent to our fellow Ziners who respond!

Ward and Auleen