Subject: 3 star hotels in Barcelona
Hello Ziners & Candice,

I was in Barcelona last May 2002. You will just love it! The hotel I stayed at, I would not recommend even though it was well located. Because of that I walked around with the intention of switching to more suitable accommodations. It was not difficult. I popped into 3. I must tell you that I did not see the rooms but all three were well-located and looked extremely clean and inviting at the same time. All three have air conditioning. They are 3 stars as mentioned above: 1. Hotel Inglaterra e-mail: reservas tel:93 487 3939

2.Hotel Atlantis e-mail: hotelatlantis tel: 93 318 90 12

3. Hotel Lleo e-mail: reservas tel: 93 318 13 12

They are in the centre of everything.Please let me know what you think. I just want to mention that I never did switch hotels--I was just too jet lagged and it is a hassle.

Patricia Montreal