Subject: Re: Rome and Sicily
Hi Ward and Auleen,

I have a few suggestions. Sicily is a large island to travel around. We covered the whole island by travelling on local buses and would recommend Taormina - we went back twice. Beautifully located on a plateau with a view of Mt. Etna. What is so charming about the town is its location and the evening promenade. I believe, experienced ziners can confirm this, that you could reasonably take day trips to Syracuse and perhaps Agrigento from Taormina.

In Rome, I would heartily recommend the Hotel San Francisco in the Transtevere neighbourhood where we visited friends last June. It's on the other side of the river from the sites but in the midst of a vibrant restaurant area where many Romans come to eat. It's clean, small and friendly with a lovely rooftop terrace. You could sightsee during the day and then taxi back to your hotel and you wouldn't have to wander far at all for a fine meal. Perhaps a ziner in Rome may have more information on the exact location. We found it on the web by typing in Rome hotels, but I can't remember the name of the street.

When you say you are travelling in the south of Italy, how far south do you mean? South of Naples (e.g. Amalfi coast) or truly south in the toe of the boot? If you could be more precise, we could offer some suggestions.

Happy planning. Looking forward to your travel report.

Lucy, Toronto