Subject: Re: Rome and Sicily
Hi Ward,

public transport in Sicily are not so well settled as in other areas and time spending so I suggest to rent a car in Sicily. Generally speaking it is not so difficult drive in souther Italy _if_you_avoid_ driving in big cities like Naples and its area. Countryside is ok. Moreover Amalfitan coast is a problem with a car because their narrow road and the difficult in finding a car park.

If you have your own car,enought time and you like not touristic archaeological sites, I have a suggestion for you. Visit the ruins of Saepinum (the old Antilia) that is located along the highway Campobasso-Benevento close the hill town of Sepino. It is a ruin of a roman towns isolated in the countryside, it is well preserved with a small museum and almost undiscovered by mass tourism. Last time i was there, it was free entrance.

Benevento have got some interesting romans building: a roman theatre an old church, an interesting palace an area archeologic museum and the best preserved roman arch (Traiano's arch) in the world!

This is just an idea about a not touristic tour!

Enjoy Italy, Marco in Milan - Italy