Subject: Re: More on Chile
Hi Marta,

You were inquiring about 4WD/SUV rentals in Puerto Natales. We did not make any advance reservations for a vehicle. Upon arriving by bus from Argentina we were approached at the station by a number of travel entrepreneurs selling tours, lodging, etc. We struck up a conversation with one woman explaining that we wanted to rent a car and travel independantly into the park. She was happy to give us a lift into the center of town (Puerto Natales has a few different bus stations) where she introduced us to a gentleman who rented vehicles.

We ended up with a Isuzu Rodeo. And although it was a 4WD vehicle we never had to use the 4WD. The roads in Torres del Paine are well maintained. Keep in mind they are gravel but, even so, not once did we consider having to put the vehicle into four-wheel drive.

As for renting a vehicle in advance you may only be able to find that the major car rental agencies only have offices in Punta Arenas.

Here are a few web links I used when planning my trip:

I'll dig into my notes and get some more info to you soon.

John in San Diego