Subject: Re: Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper
Dear Ginny:

I am so jealous of you going there! I love that area so much. I actually discovered it because I won a trip to the Chateau Lake Louise on Jeopardy!. That's right, Jeopardy. We ended up having such a phenomenal time on our first visit that it didn't take long for us to decide to return there for our wedding last summer! Yup, my husband and I tied the knot at Moraine Lake last July 5.

I've stayed at both the Post Hotel and the Chateau Lake Louise. Our last visit to the Chateau Lake Louise was a pleasant surprise when we discovered that they had renovated many of the rooms! Our wedding guests had beautifully appointed rooms...much to our dismay, our room hadn't yet gone through the renovations! But it is all sure to be complete now. There is just nothing in the world to compete with the view of Lake Louise at dawn...really amazing!

We also stayed at the Post Hotel, which is lovely, but I must tell you that I really did miss the view from the Chateau. The Dining Room at the Post Hotel is fantastic, though, and not to be missed. They are particularly good with their great variety of venison, etc.

If you hike, then consider having a guided hike with Joel Fletcher or Nadine Hagen of Great Divide Nature Interpretation. We've done three hikes with them, and each was wonderful. Their web site is here: On our most recent trip, we did 2 hikes with Joel, one of which had the Fondue with a View treat...nothing like a delicious (secret recipe) chocolate fondue prepared by your guide, overlooking the magnificent vistas of the Bow Valley and the Rocky Mountains.

You can see tons o' pictures from my trip here:

Pictures of the Post Hotel:

Pictures from my wedding cocktail hour and dinner at the Post Hotel:

Pictures of the Chateau are sprinkled liberally throughout the site. Pictures of Moraine Lake, the Icefields Parkway, etc, are also scattered throughout the site.