Subject: Barcelona Hotels
Hello Ziners & Candice,

What a coincidence that your friends are staying at the very same hotel that I was looking into! Candice, All 3 hotels were excellent. Although I did not stay at any of the 3 I can tell you once again, I would not hesitate to stay at ANY of the 3. They all had terrific locations, were immaculate and very inviting with all the conveniences. I would truly recommend them. They gave me great prices which of course I don't remember now but when you personally talk to them as I did they quote you a fabulous rate but then again that was in person. Once you get there, bargain! As for where I stayed, I will find out. The reason I remembered these 3 is because they were so pleasant that I took their cards. Where I stayed was on famous Ramblas street but I preferred these 3. The only saving grace was that the people at the desk of that horrific place were SO helpful to me in EVERY way. It was like a semi hostel--the person who told me about it had stayed many years ago but I suppose her definition of something & mine are 2 different things. I had to quickly go to tourist information to see if it was even safe-it's in the pickpocket area and when I told people where I was staying they told me to be careful. But I had no problems. I will let you know the name. Patricia Montreal