Subject: Rome and sicilia
Hello, Cécile and I we spent 1 month in south Italia and Sicilia in 1998. We stayed in a small hotel near Piazza di Spagna: Pensione Panda, via della Croce 35 (tel678 01079). We taked a train from Rome to Naples and we stayed in a small hotel on the Vomero hill:Pension Margherita via Cimarosa 29 (tel 556 70 44).From Naples we visited Pompéi and Capri island.
>From Naples we taked a ferry to Palermo in Sicilia.It was a night trip (11 hours).
>From Palermo we visited Montreale and Cefalu. We taked a train from Palermo and went to Trapani.From there we maked day-trip to Erice and to Favignana and Levanza islands (Egadi islands).
>From Trapani we had to pass by Palermo to go to Agrigento by train.We visited the ruins of the Valle dei Templi. By train it was possible to go to Catania.From Catania we visited Siracusa by train and by bus we visited Enna and Taormina.We also taked the CircumEtnea train from Catania but we are far from the volcano we did not see the fire of the volcano.
>From Catania we went to Milazzo by train and we visited volcano islands of Vulcano and Lipari.Vulcano was terrific... But as you do not have a month to spend,I suggest you to visit the northern part of Sicilia. We always use public transport to travel;it is a good mean to meet people.But it takes more time... I suggest you to read some travel guide books as Let's go Italy,Michelin,Lonely Planet,etc.

Bon Voyage

Marc et Cécile from Québec city