Subject: Visit to Australia & New Zealand 2004
Hi Ziners,

2 to 21/2 weeks ONLY for both countries!!!!!This does little justice to either!!!What a fleeting visit!! I know it takes a long time to get here & home again & this eats into time available.

As a Sydneysider & very much into culture...I can state that when you come in our summer, the Sydney Festival is on the month of January with a range of events, some free.A brochure comes out at the end of this year & many events are quickly booked out.

A must here is a visit to the Opera House for a performance.At this time Opera Summer Season is underway.No ballet till a little later.The Australian Chamber Orchestra(visits USA to excellent reviews) commences Feb. ..although this year it performed in the Festival..The Sydney Symphony Orchestra may be performing as may The Brandenburg Orchestra. There are always many plays on at theatres.

I wish you well in your planning .This ia a vast continent & you need to decide if it is just capital cities to visit or explore further afield.Do remember the stunning Island State of Tasmania...its capital city is charming Hobart..Melbourne capital city in the State of Victoria also has lots to offer. Each has much in the cultural field.

All the cities have excellent National Art Galleries (as does Canberra ..National Capital of Australia) & many other galleries of worth.

What else would you like to know ?

Wishing you well in your planning.