Subject: Re: Travel Tips
Pat, Here is my contribution to your travel tips request. Danny Spitler My Travel Tips:

1. Establish and Maintain a Travel List: Over the years I have developed a travel list of every conceivable item that I might need to take on a trip. Obviously, I don't pack everything, but I can go down the list and decide what items are appropriate for this particular trip. While on the trip I make a note of items that I should have brought and did not, as well as making note of those items that I brought and did not need. I consult these lists when packing for my next trip.

2. First Aid and Medical Kit: Carry a small kit with minimal first aid items along with every conceivable over the counter remedy that you might need (colds, sinus, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, stomach acid, sore throat, sleep aids, etc.) Put the capsules in zip lock bags so that they pack lightly and compactly. Finding these remedies when traveling is sometimes difficult, and often expensive.

3. The Carry On Bag: I believe in checking luggage and carrying as little as possible onto the airplane. I carry only what I believe I will need while on the airplane along with a light, rainproof jacket. Within the carry on bag select a pocket or a specific place where you keep your passport and airline tickets. Make it a firm habit that every time these items are taken out they are immediately put back in that same place. Avoid panic or stress by always knowing the exact location of your tickets and passport.