Subject: Re: best meal
Hi Lou,

We were not crazy about the Tartuflette in Annecy. The fact that we had it with a cheese soufflé on the side is perhaps the problem. However, we thought of you and all your wonderful memories of Annecy while we were there. It was a wonderful experience.

As to the staying so wonderfully slim - we can change that to reasonably slim. There is no question that the trick is walking. The first daily decision that we make while we are away is where to eat. After that, everything just falls into place. Any restaurant in Tuscany is just a doable walk from some interesting site or another. And, let's face it, the food is the priority.

It has been a long time since you were here in Toronto. How about a return visit? We would all love to see you again.

Take care.

Felice Toronto, Ontario