Subject: Re: Visit to Australia and New Zealand
Hi Harry, The domestic airline in Australia offers an air pass which can only be bought through a travel agent outside of Oz. Because the country is so large, it is worth considering. You can see a lot of places and not have to worry about the long distances between places.

We spent a month and took six flights for a reasonable price. This allowed us to fly Melbourne - Adelaide - Alice Springs - Yulara - Darwin - Cairns. We spent some time in each spot, including 5 days in Cairns before we returned to Sydney for a few days and then returned home.

I'd say don't miss Darwin because it's an interesting spot in itself and you can get to the Kakadu, which is a must see. If you make it to Cairns, try to get up to the Daintree. Fascinating place. While in Cairns there are plenty of day trips to interesting towns or just up the beautiful coast of Australia. The beaches are magnificent - unlike anything you'll find in North America. I'm sure other ziners will be able to offer up their favourite spots as well.

Happy plannng.

Lucy Toronto (where it is still snowing though they tell us Spring is on the way!)

P.S. We had great Korean food in Australia - mostly in Adelaide.