Subject: Re: Banff/Lake Louise - winter
Hi folks, Please let me wade in here. I have been around the world, and yes I am Canadian so perhaps I have a bias, but Banff is my absolutely most favourite place on the planet. Even the drive from Calgary is great. I've been there to ski many times and have visited in the summer and if my job wasn't here in Toronto, I'd move to Banff in a minute. The skiing is magnificent when the winters are snowy - which only Mother Nature can control - and it far surpasses ski resorts because it's a town with permanent residents. You see, I'm biased! I learned to ski in Whistler and returned a few times and have been skiing in the Laurentians and the Adirondacks but find the magnificence of the Canadian Rockies can't be surpassed. One year we flew to Calgary on Thursday morning and were on Sunshine skiing in the afternoon. We stayed at the lodge on the mountain and wallowed in the quiet and beauty at night when all the other skiers returned to town.

Take a day off and drive up Highway 1, stop at the Columbia Icefields, stop for lunch in Jasper and then stop off at Chateau Lake Louise for an aperitif before heading back to Banff for dinner. What a day!

Okay, I'll stop. Just writing this makes me want to go back now even though we've had enough snow in Toronto this year to satisfy us for a long time to come.

Lucy Toronto