Subject: Re: Travel Tips
Pat, Here are some travel tips I have developed: 1. Bring a few sheets on paper towels and some masking tape (some rolled around a pen is enough) and tape some paper towel to the back of my seat where the head rests. Can you imagine how filthy and bacteria filled that space is with so many people's heads leaning against them? yuk! When I travel first/biz, I don't so this as the airline usually places a clean cloth there.

2. Photo-copy all travel documents and passport and keep separately from the original. If the original is ever lost, it's easier to replace if you have all the exact info. Also, when I shop I bring the photo-copied passport with me to the stores for VAT refunds.

3. You never know how long that plane delay will be. Have snacks (pretzels, dried fruit, nuts) and a bottle of water with you enroute.