Subject: Re: Visit to Australia and New Zealand
Harry, Now that I know you're planning on being there over New Year's, I will change my recommendation and add Hobart, Tasmania to my suggestion list. Every year, on Boxing Day (12/26)is the start of the great Sydney to Hobart boat race with the winners getting to Hobart around the First of January. The whole town is filled with boat lovers, racers, their family's, etc and it's just a fun filled place to be. Additionally, that first week of January is the fantastic Taste of Tasmania festival, also down by the harbor. They take a huge area and tent it and there are tons of food vendors, farmers, wine producers all there showing off their bounty. You go from booth to booth tasting the most wonderful food in the universe - things you won't find at home.
>From emu to incredible blueberries, the food is awesome and lovely when washed down with some great Tasmanian wine. There are bands, singers, street performers. Most entertainment is free and the food is reasonably priced. Brings warm sweaters, though it's summer in Oz, Tassie is the southernmost tip and quite cool!

Someone here suggested that you drive the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide. I've done that trip and while it's lovely, I think that if it's your first trip and you only have about 2-3 weeks, I'd save it for next time. Trust me, there will be a next time!

When you get to Melbourne, make sure to take a day trip to Phillips Island to see the fairy penguins. You might want to do this on an organized tour (book it from your hotel) as it's a long drive and you won't get back until about midnight since the fairly penguins only come out of the ocean late are night.

Candice NYC